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Our Teachers Retirement Board Needs You!

by Robin Starck, Teachers Retirement Board Chair


I know many of you are just trying to keep your papers graded, hoping to stay a day or two ahead of your students, and wondering how you are going to be able to make it through this school year. As a teacher in Sheboygan for the last 31 years, I am doing exactly the same things. While that is enough on your plate, I would appreciate you considering one more challenge.

Each year the Teachers Retirement Board holds elections for new members. This year your votes will elect two public school teachers to this 13-member Board (see Teachers: Nominations Sought for Board Seats). Our board is comprised of nine elected teachers, including a retired and a technical college teacher, as well as a blend of four governor-appointed members from the University of Wisconsin System, and various school boards and district administrators.

I was 44 when I was first elected to the board, so don't think you have to be eligible to retire to be on the ballot. I have learned so much about the Wisconsin Retirement System and our benefits during my tenure that I wish I had considered running for a position earlier in my career.

The TR Board meets four times each year in Madison. In addition to preparing for and attending the meetings, we are charged with a variety of other tasks. Our board must consider appeals from WRS members, determine policy changes and administrative rules, appoint some of our members to represent us on additional boards and, of course — oversee this election process.

I look forward to seeing your name on our next ballot! And I hope you have a great year — you are making a difference!