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Here's Why We Are in Public Service


To everyone who responded to our member survey last May: Thank you! It was Public Service Recognition Week and we asked readers just one question: Why are you in public service?

The variety of employees and occupations responding amazed but did not surprise us. The Wisconsin Retirement System encompasses all public employee types, and we heard from teachers, custodians, administrative assistants, data specialists, correctional officers, town clerks, librarians, law enforcement personnel, and more. The scope of what members said varied as well, but everyone spoke with clarity from the heart.

By the way, the survey is still open. Feel free to take part if you have not already.

WRS News Online staff read every entry and picked a few to share. Thanks again for telling everyone why you serve the public, your community and the people of Wisconsin.

Survey responses included:
"My career is the perfect of example of the phrase, 'everything happens for a reason.' I have truly found my calling in life in w hat other industry can you use your abilities to serve the community you love and, hopefully, make it an even better place to live and work?"
Finance Administrator/Assistant Village Administrator, Village of Thiensville

"I have always loved working with high school students. I love preparing them for the world of work to the best of my ability and the great satisfaction of their growth and development into great future employees for some lucky employer!"
Teacher, Mayville School District

"The turning point [when interviewing for jobs post-college] was when I realized I just wanted to help people improve the quality of their lives. After that moment, I knew the non-profit, public sector was where I would make the biggest contribution to the betterment of society. Thanks for asking this question."
Instructor, Gateway Technical College

"When I started in this profession nearly 18 years ago, I didn't know what it entailed. Now I can't see myself doing anything else. The reason that I enjoy this position is due to the gratification I get from helping others, knowing that the decisions we make today will affect others in the future, and each day holds the promise of being very different than the day before."
Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Howards Grove

"I am in public service because I want to make a difference - in my community, state and country. By working in public education I am helping to provide all children with access to a quality education, and having a good educational foundation helps to build productive citizens in the future."
Teacher, Sheboygan Falls School District

"I am in my position with state service due to the fact I feel I can and do make a difference in the lives of the inmates I come in contact with daily. I am hoping to better their work skills and people skills along the way."
Employee of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections