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WDC Program Lets Your Money Work For You

Will you have enough money to live the retirement of your dreams? A Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program account helps you save early and often. Open an account with just $5 a paycheck and let your money work for you (while you work on setting retirement goals).

The WDC is a supplemental retirement savings program available to state and university employees. Local government employees, including those working for school districts, may also be eligible if their employers offer this optional program. When you enroll in the WDC, growing your supplemental retirement savings is easy (paycheck deductions), inexpensive (comparatively low fees) and lowers your taxable income with tax-deferred investments. Roth options are also available.

To set up an account, contact the WDC: www.wdc457.org or call toll free: 1-877-457-9327.