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Are You Financially Fit?

Financial stress can affect your personal health in many ways as it spills over into your home life, career, and friendships. In fact, research shows that financial stress results in $100 billion in lost profits and employee productivity annually in the U.S.

The Financial Fitness Program can help you get financially fit and feel more confident about your financial future. This free online program, available to all WRS members, offers exclusive education and planning tools to help you feel confident about setting and reaching your financial goals.

Start with a Financial Fitness Checkup, a confidential and secure online survey that helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to personal finance, saving and investing, and retirement planning. Complete the check up in just 10 minutes – afterward, you can access:

  • New and improved tutorials, calculators and tools in the online Financial Fitness Academy; and
  • Financial Fitness Coaches who will work with you to understand your personal financial situation and help you set goals, create a plan, answer your questions, and much more!

Here are some of the helpful online tutorials you will find in the ACADEMYTM:

  • Introduction to Retirement Planning
  • Principles of Financial Planning
  • Personal Finance Basics
  • Save Money on Taxes While Saving for Retirement
  • Automatic Savings and Investment Plans
  • Financial Planning Made Simple

Get started on your financial wellness improvement journey today!

Sponsors and Partners

The Financial Fitness Program is offered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds in coordination with the Wisconsin Retired Educators Association, Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin, and state and local government employers. Our project partners include:

  • Financial Fitness Group
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
  • Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Personal Finance Employee Fund
  • University of Oxford

For More Information

  • Informational webinar (recorded), Get Financially Fit: ETF's Financial Fitness Program
  • Financial Fitness Program FAQs and more