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Farm Bureau Memorial Returns to Home Agency

Preparations big and small continue for ETF's move to the new Hill Farms state office building.

On a recent Saturday morning a Wisconsin Air National Guard unit dismantled a commemorative plaque honoring Wisconsin farm men and women who served in the military and relocated it to its new home at the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

The memorial was dedicated 60 years ago, to mark the opening of the new office building at 801 W. Badger Road. The building was to be the headquarters of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and the Department of Agriculture. The memorial was moved in preparation for construction of Madison College's new South Madison Campus.

According to agency records, more than 2,000 people attended the official dedication of the building and the memorial on June 9, 1957. The ceremony also featured a special "gifts of the soil" presentation, in which soil samples from each Wisconsin county and the 47 state Farm Bureaus were mixed into the surrounding flower beds. 

In a letter to stakeholders, Farm Bureau president Curtiss Hatch wrote that the "fine new building...symbolizes the accomplishments of our members, past and present, in giving agriculture in Wisconsin its position of respect and importance."