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Are You Financially Fit? Get a Checkup and Find Out!

Financial Fitness photoPerhaps you are using a movement tracker or a step counter to get fit and monitor progress toward fitness goals. But what about your finances? Have you ever wondered if you are financially fit? Here’s a free way to find out right now: Get a Financial Fitness Checkup.

Through November 25 ETF is offering a unique Financial Fitness Checkup to all Wisconsin Retirement System covered employees and their friends and families. It’s a confidential, 10-minute online survey designed to provide you with important information about your levels of financial wellness, stress, knowledge and behaviors. Complete the checkup and you’ll receive instant feedback on:

  • Your personal financial wellness (stress levels, stress management, savings habits, etc.).
  • Your level of financial knowledge (topics include credit, taxes, Medicare, etc.).
  • Links to free online resources that will help you improve your financial well-being.

Your personal results are confidential and will be kept private.

The Financial Fitness Checkup is offered by ETF, as part of the EMPOWER campaign and in partnership with the Department of Financial Institutions, the Department of Administration, the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy and the state’s Employee Assistance Program (LifeMatters).

Why are we doing this? According to the American Psychological Association, the No. 1 cause of stress is money. When you are financially stressed, health, job performance, and overall happiness can suffer. A regular check of your financial health can make you aware of problems, identify steps to achieve your goals and chart your progress along the way.

The Financial Fitness Checkup can be easily completed 24/7 using a computer or mobile device. Get your Financial Fitness Checkup now – the survey closes on November 25!