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Rates and Adjustments: Watch for Announcements

At this time of year members often ask about upcoming effective rates and annuity adjustments. The Department of Employee Trust Funds calculates actual rates based on final trust fund investment returns for the calendar year and the results of an actuarial analysis. Watch for announcements in January and February.

The table below indicates ETF’s projections for the Core effective rates and Core annuity adjustments could be, based on three different scenarios. Keep in mind these figures are not actual results. Projections may help members anticipate the magnitude – but not exact amount – of future rates and adjustments.

Preliminary Effective Rate, Annuity Adjustment Projections

If the Core Fund Net Investment Return, for 2015 is...




Effective Rate (active employee WRS account)

7.9% to 8.3%

6.4% to 6.8%

4.8% to 5.2%

Annuity Adjustment (retiree)

2.2% to 2.6%

0.8% to 1.2%


* 7.2% is the actuarially-determined, assumed long-term rate of return for the Core Trust Fund.

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