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Department of Employee Trust Funds
April 26, 2011

ETF Introduces a New How to Retire Packet

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) recently redesigned its retirement packet to improve the quality of the information provided and simplify the retirement process. Until now, a retirement packet contained a mix of brochures, forms and inserts totaling more than 75 pages. Members have commented that they found the material overwhelming and needed help to identify what applied to them.

The primary element of the new retirement packet is a brochure entitled, How to Retire (ET-4133). This brochure explains how retirement benefits are calculated, provides step-by-step instructions for completing a retirement application and explains retirees’ eligibility for other benefits. The material in the brochure is presented in a manner similar to the approach taken when members meet with an ETF benefits specialist, so it addresses commonly asked questions in a way that makes it easy to navigate the retirement process and identify relevant information.

The new retirement materials led to an expansion of information on this Internet site that also walks members through the steps to retire. Look for the “How to Retire” button on the Members tab. Here you will find links to excellent resources such as the Retirement Planning Checklist, the How to Retire brochure, the Road to Retirement video, and benefit presentation offerings, along with other valuable information. Members now have the ability to instantly locate related forms and brochures online.

ETF hopes members find the new retirement materials to be user friendly and a helpful tool that assists them in making retirement decisions.


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