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Department of Employee Trust Funds
September 29, 2015

ETF Re-Mails Annuity Mailers to Affected Retirees

This week approximately 2,000 Wisconsin Retirement System retirees will receive a duplicate of an “annuity mailer” originally mailed to them last week by the Department of Employee Trust Funds. In addition, another 4,700 retirees who should have received an annuity mailer last week (but did not), will instead receive it this week.

The mailers indicate changes in an individual retirees’ monthly payment amounts on October 1, 2015, based on changes to the account directed by the retiree, such as tax withholding changes.

The mailing issues were caused by a delay in the information technology system that produces the annuity payroll for the system’s 187,000 retirees.

WRS retirees’ receipt of their October 1, 2015 payments are unaffected by this annuity mailer issue.

ETF apologizes for any confusion this duplicate annuity mailer issue may cause.


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