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Department of Employee Trust Funds
October 25, 2016

Available Soon: ETF’s Financial Fitness Challenge

The Financial Fitness Challenge 2016 opens soon – watch our website for your opportunity to get focused and get started. It will be a snap!

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today
Who doesn’t love the fun of taking a great “selfie”? But have you ever focused on something just as important: Your own financial well-being?

Picture yourself taking control of your financial future today: Take Financial Fitness Challenge 2016. The Financial Fitness Challenge is a free financial education and awareness program designed to help Wisconsin Retirement System members take control of their financial future and improve their financial wellness.

The challenge begins with a confidential, 10-minute online assessment of your financial well-being. You’ll get an instant snapshot of your financial health, including a financial fitness score and a list of personalized recommendations to help improve your score.

After you complete your checkup, continue the challenge with step 2 and enroll in the Financial Fitness Academy:

  • You will receive a FREE, 12-month subscription to online courses and tools designed to strengthen your financial self-awareness and knowledge. Learn at your own pace in as little as 10 minutes a day.
  • Just like selfies, your situation is unique. Get answers to your questions. Step 3 provides FREE, no-strings-attached, one-on-one financial advising for 30 days

The Financial Fitness Challenge opens soon – watch ETF’s website for your opportunity to get focused and get started. It will be a snap!

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