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Department of Employee Trust Funds
November 23, 2016

GIB to Select Data Warehousing Vendor,
Assess Program Changes

The Group Insurance Board (GIB) will meet on November 30 to assess vendor proposals for self-insuring and regionalizing the state’s group health insurance program in 2018. The GIB will also select a data warehousing vendor, following presentations from the finalists in that procurement.

An overview of the current group health insurance program will be presented by ETF, as well as general considerations concerning possible program changes.

The GIB will then go into closed session for the data warehousing vendor presentations, and to assess the different options for potentially self-insuring and/or regionalizing the program. During this session, ETF staff and Segal Consulting will address vendor proposals and considerations for the board. Board members will also have the opportunity to ask questions and request more information, if needed.

A closed session is held due to the confidential and proprietary nature of the information being presented as a part of the procurement process. It should be noted that the GIB is not going to act on self-insuring and/or regionalizing the program at this meeting. The GIB will consider and vote on ETF’s recommendations in December.

“Due to the depth and breadth of information being presented, and the impact of potential program changes for our members, the Group Insurance Board has allotted extensive time for deliberation of the analysis,” said Lisa Ellinger, Director of the Office of Strategic Health Policy.

Another board action item includes extension of the Delta Dental contract to administer the Uniform Dental benefit.

The GIB will reconvene on December 13 to take action on the structure of the state group health insurance program. January 2018 is the earliest any changes would take effect. Benefit or plan design changes are not part of this process.

Any new self-insurance contracts with third-party administrators must be sent to the Joint Committee on Finance (JCF) for review, as required by 2015 Act 119. The JCF has the authority to deny the contract(s) or take no action, with the latter option allowing the process to continue.

The state currently has more than 200,000 members and dependents enrolled in the group health insurance program, and self-insures pharmacy, dental and a small portion of health insurance coverage.

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