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Department of Employee Trust Funds
December 13, 2016

GIB Delays Program Change Decisions

The Group Insurance Board (GIB) met today to deliberate the results of the Self-Insuring and Regionalization Request for Proposals (RFP) for the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. The Board ultimately decided to delay decisions on program changes and to reconvene in January.

The Board received the RFP initial results and analysis at its November 30, 2016 meeting. Today, the Board asked ETF and Segal Consulting to collect more data in order to continue deliberations.

Potential Health Insurance Program Structural Changes
A broad range of options were presented to the GIB, ranging from maintaining a version of the current program structure with improvements to contracting with one or two statewide vendors on a self-insured basis, as well as various scenarios in between.

Lisa Ellinger, director of the Office of Strategic Health Policy, provided seven scenario options in an open session presentation. The scenarios were based on the priorities communicated by the Board at the November 30 meeting. The scenarios also level-set the projected 2018 cost savings so the Board could focus on the merits and concerns of the proposed scenarios. Segal was available to answer questions about the scenarios.

ETF also presented potential changes to four other program areas:

  • Wisconsin Public Employers Group Insurance Program
  • Local Annuitants Health Program
  • It’s Your Choice Access Plan
  • Medicare Program

January 2018 is the earliest any program structural changes would take effect. Benefit or plan design changes are not being discussed in this process.

Another agenda item discussed today relates to the federal nondiscrimination rule. The Board took action in July to approve a change to Uniform Benefits removing the exclusion for benefits and services due to gender identity. Board members heard an opinion from Department of Justice representatives recommending the Board follow the federal law as it stands today.

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