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Department of Employee Trust Funds
January 25, 2017

ETF Mailing 1099-R Tax Statements

The Department of Employee Trust Funds has begun mailing the 2016 1099-R tax statements to Wisconsin Retirement System members who had a benefit distribution from the WRS in 2016. ETF will complete the mailing by January 31. The 1099-R tax statement includes the total taxable portion of the benefit in 2016 and amounts withheld, if any, for state and federal taxes.

Annuitants who turned 59.5 in 2016: You will receive two 2016 1099Rs in separate mailings. The first will reflect all payments received in 2016 while under age 59.5; the second, all payments issued in 2016 after reaching age 59.5.

If you have questions regarding your 1099-R form issued by ETF, please reference our FAQ here.

If you do not receive your statement by February 13, please contact ETF toll-free at 1-877-533-5020 or send an e-mail to request a reprint. Please note that February 13 is the earliest date ETF can process your reprint request. We thank you for your patience during the busy tax season. When contacting ETF, be sure to verify your current mailing address.


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