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Department of Employee Trust Funds
May 8, 2017

Self-Insurance Contracts Submitted to Joint Finance

Today the Group Insurance Board (Board) and the state Division of Personnel Management submitted signed contracts for self-insuring the state’s group health insurance program to the Joint Committee on Finance (JCF) for approval. The contracts are for self-insured administrative services beginning in 2018. (See letter to JCF.)

In February the Board approved moving forward with contract negotiations with the following third party administrators:

Statewide/Nationwide Vendor

  • Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Regional Vendors

  • Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • Dean Health Plan Inc.
  • HealthPartners Administrators, Inc.
  • Network Health Administrative Services, LLC
  • Security Administrative Services
  • SPWI TPA, Inc. (Quartz*)

*Quartz is affiliated with Unity Health Insurance and Gundersen Health Plan.

JCF Review
The contracts with the third party administrators are not considered executable until the JCF passive review process is complete. If the JCF takes no action, then the contracts will take effect after 21 working days; however, if the JCF notifies the Board within the 21-day review period that it has scheduled a meeting for the purpose of further review, then the Board may not execute the contracts until they are approved by the JCF. The 21-day period expires on June 7, 2017.

If the JCF rejects any of the contracts in their current form, then the Board will convene to determine next steps.

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