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Department of Employee Trust Funds
June 12, 2017

Online Educational Program Builds Financial Muscles

Flex your financial muscles with ETF’s 2017 Financial Fitness Program, a free online financial education and awareness program available to all Wisconsin Retirement System members.

Want to create and work within a budget? Learn how to build emergency savings? Increase your retirement savings sources? Learn more about your benefits as a Wisconsin public employee?

The Financial Fitness Program is designed to help you take control and improve your financial health and wellness. This confidential and secure online program contains three steps:

  • Take the Financial Fitness CHECKUP — assess your attitudes, knowledge and beliefs about money.
  • Complete the free, online ACADEMY courses – go at your own pace over the course of a year.
  • Receive free financial advice for a 30-day period – consult with a COACH about your personal financial goals, public employee benefits, and more.

You choose which steps to take and when. It’s easy and convenient. Get started today or learn more about the program.

The Financial Fitness Program is offered by ETF in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Financial Security, the Personal Finance Employee Education Fund, the University of Oxford and the Financial Fitness Group.

Stay connected! Follow ETF on Twitter and use #FinancialLiteracy.

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