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Department of Employee Trust Funds
Revised January 31, 2018

W-2 Wage Statements for Imputed Income and Wellness Incentives

January 31, 2018: As a precautionary measure, ETF has reprinted and mailed duplicate W-2 tax statements. As a result, some members may receive two tax statements; however, the information on each form is identical. If you receive two W-2 statements from ETF, no further action is required. This reprint does not require you to refile your taxes if you already filed and included the information in the W-2.

The Department of Employee Trust Funds has distributed the 2017 W-2 tax statements for imputed income and fringe benefits to affected Wisconsin Retirement System members. The statements were mailed to retirees’ home addresses on file with ETF.

  • For retirees who insured their non-tax dependents under the state group health insurance program and the premiums were paid by accumulated sick leave in 2017: W-2 statements were issued for imputed income, per IRS regulations.
  • W-2 statements were also issued to retirees who received wellness incentive payments from their state group health insurance plans in 2017. The IRS classifies these wellness incentives as fringe benefits that must be treated as taxable wages. If you and/or your dependents received wellness reimbursements/incentives from your health insurer, you will receive a W-2 wage statement from ETF for those incentives.

Note: Wellness incentive payments are taxed in the year they are issued to you by your health insurance carrier and are not always the same year in which you performed the action to qualify for the wellness incentive payment.

If you have questions regarding your W-2 form issued by ETF, please reference our FAQ here.

If you do not receive your statement by February 8, contact ETF toll-free at 1-877-533-5020 or send an e-mail to request a reprint. Please note that February 8 is the earliest date ETF can process your reprint request. We thank you for your patience during the busy tax season. When contacting ETF, be sure to verify your current mailing address.

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