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Department of Employee Trust Funds
February 20, 2019

Group Insurance Board Selects New Flex Spending Accounts Vendor, Reviews Data

The Group Insurance Board today selected ConnectYourCare as the new administrator for flex spending accounts, health savings accounts and other fringe benefits starting in 2020. ETF issued a letter of intent to award a contract to ConnectYourCare, pending successful contract negotiations.

The Board also reviewed utilization and cost data for the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. This information will serve as a guidepost in future program design and assist the Board in delivering quality care at a competitive price.
Highlights of current program trends include:


infographic: 9 out of 10 participants used medical/pharmacy Benefits and 5 out of 10 had preventive visit

infographic: Pharmacy Costs lower than national average and Medical Costs higher than national average


Other Board Action

  • Herschel Day, Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and certified actuary, was elected as the interim chair. Day has been a Board member since 2013.
  • Nathan Houdek, Deputy Commissioner at the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, was elected as the interim vice chair. Houdek is new to the Board.
  • The Board approved issuing a request for proposals for the administrator of the Group Life Insurance Program. The current contract will expire and a new contract will begin in January 2022.
  • The Board approved minor changes to allow Medicare participants more choice and flexibility in plan enrollment.

LAB Audit
Eileen Mallow, ETF’s Director  of the Office of Strategic Health Policy, provided an update on the Legislative Audit Bureau’s recent audit of the Administration and Oversight of Group Insurance Programs, including ETF’s response. Mallow noted the audit identified no significant concerns and that ETF will present an action plan to address LAB recommendations to the Board.

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