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Department of Employee Trust Funds
June 11, 2013

Legislative Update: Joint Committee on Finance
Restores Governor’s Proposal Regarding Certain WRS Return to Work Provisions

The Joint Committee on Finance wrapped up its revisions to Governor Walker’s 2013-2015 budget bill (2013 Assembly Bill 40) last week. As previously reported in an earlier Legislative Update, during the May 21st Executive Session, the Joint Committee on Finance voted to alter the bill by requiring the termination of annuities for rehired annuitants who work at least 1,392 hours annually.

Last week, the Joint Committee on Finance reconsidered this change and reverted back to the Governor’s original proposal, thus requiring the termination of annuities for rehired annuitants who are expected to work at least two-thirds of full-time.

The full Legislature must still complete its review of the bill (and may make additional changes) before it is sent to the Governor for his signature and possible vetoes. Generally speaking, the Legislature tries to complete its review of the budget bill by July 1.

As with any legislative proposal, the provisions are subject to change. ETF will continue to monitor developments and provide updates as they occur. Watch this website for the latest information.

For More Information

ETF Provides Initial Review of 2013-2015 State Budget (February 22, 2013).

If you are interested in monitoring legislative developments more closely, you may want to check out the Wisconsin State Legislature website.


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