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Press Release

For Immediate Release
March 28, 2007


Nancy Ketterhagen
ETF Communications Office
(608) 266-7471

Department Announces Board Election Results

MADISON, (Wis.) –- Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) Secretary Eric Stanchfield is pleased to announce the results of three retirement board elections recently conducted among Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) participant groups. They are as follows:

Board Election Winner(s)
ETF Board - Annuitant Member Theron "Butch" Fisher (inc.)
ETF Board - Educational Support Personnel Member Kathleen Kreul (inc.)
Teachers Retirement Board - Teacher Members Steven A. Scheible and David L. Wltgen (inc.)

ETF Board-Annuitant Member Election

Theron “Butch” Fisher was re-elected to serve on the ETF Board. Fisher, the incumbent, was first appointed to the Board in 2004. His 30-year career included employment at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and La Crosse County. The Department mailed more than 135,500 ballots to all retired WRS participants, who cast 45,748 ballots. Fisher received 9,116 votes. The other candidates and their vote totals are as follows: Christine M. Williams, 7,476; James P. Egan, 7,461; James A. Gruentzel, 6,781; Gary Tveten, 4,559; Rose Bowen, 3,494; Robert Cavanaugh, 2,522; Robert C. Duero, 2,189; Michael T. Lew, 2,150.

ETF Board-Educational Support Personnel Member

WRS educational support personnel re-elected Kathleen Kreul to serve on the ETF Board. Kreul, the incumbent, was first elected to the Board in 2003. An employee of Southwest Wisconsin Technical College since 1977, she is a 19-year officer of the union representing educational support personnel, and is currently secretary of AFT-Wisconsin. The Department distributed nearly 41,500 ballots to all WRS covered educational support personnel members, who cast 5,779 ballots. Kreul received 4,133 votes. The other candidate, Steven Eichman, manager of Purchasing and Transportation for the School District of Janesville, received 1,646 votes.

Teachers Retirement Board-Teacher Members

Wisconsin school teachers elected Steven A. Scheible and David L. Wiltgen to serve on the Teachers Retirement (TR) Board. Scheible has taught history, economics, and geography for the past 32 years in the Eau Claire Area School District. Wiltgen, a current TR Board member, was first appointed to the Board in 2002. He is a teacher at Eau Claire Memorial High School. The Department distributed more than 69,000 ballots to all WRS covered elementary and secondary school teachers (excluding the Milwaukee Public School District). Teachers cast 6,750 ballots. The candidates and their vote totals are as follows: Steven A. Scheible, 4,494; David L. Wiltgen, 3,949; Philip R. Freye, 2,681; Len J. Herricks, 1,831.


About the ETF Board

The 13-member ETF Board has legal and fiduciary responsibilities relating to the administration of the WRS. The Board also retains sole responsibility for the general direction and supervision of the Department of Employee Trust Funds. Four of the 13 members of this Board are directly elected. Wisconsin law dictates ETF Board responsibilities, including:

  • Ensuring the WRS complies with federal regulations as a tax qualified retirement plan and guaranteeing that each benefit plan is administered according to these rules.
  • Appointing the ETF Secretary.
  • Retaining the medical, legal, and actuarial assistance necessary to run the System.

About the Teachers Retirement Board

The 13-member Teachers Retirement Board primarily plays an advisory role in the administration of WRS benefits involving public school, vocational, state and university teachers; acts on administrative rules and authorizes or terminates teacher disability benefits and hears disability benefit appeals. Nine of the 13 members are directly elected.


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