Employer Contact Information

The Designation of Agent (ET-1313) form is used to update employer contact information for changes to the agent, alternate agent, retirement contact, and insurance contacts on file with the Department of Employee Trust Funds.

Employers are responsible for keeping this contact information up to date.

Designation of Agent (ET-1313)

Online Access Security Agreement

The Online Access Security Agreement (ET-8928) form is used to add, delete, and change user account access to the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds benefit program systems.

Each user is granted their own account with a unique login ID. Employers should never share a login ID among a group of employees.

Employer applications used in the administration of both the WRS and Insurance Programs are internet based so those granted access at an employer continue to have access until ETF receives a request to delete them from our system.

Online Access Security Agreement (ET-8928)

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Site

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) site is a management site for user logins and passwords to access the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds benefit program systems. Use the following information to perform tasks for accessing and using the site.

IAM Account Activation

Activating your account requires input from you and will take a couple of minutes to complete. Use the following link to go to the IAM Account Activation page.

IAM Account Activation

IAM Password Reset/Account Unlock

You may need to recover your account for two reasons:

  1. You entered your password unsuccessfully four consecutive times, causing your account to be locked.
  2. Your password has expired. Passwords must be changed every 60 days. If it is not changed timely, your account will be locked.

The following link will take you to a page to recover your account.

IAM Password Reset/Account Unlock


Identity and Access Management User Guide

This guide provides information for employees to access and use the Identity and Access Management (IAM) site, including:  account activation, enroll in password self-service, account recovery, account management and additional help.

Identity and Access Management User Guide

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