What is ALEX?

ALEX is like providing employees with their own personal benefits counselor. This online tool will help your employees select the best benefit plan for them and their family. ALEX will ask an employee a few questions about their health care needs, crunch some numbers and point out what makes the most sense for them.

Any information entered into ALEX is anonymous, so employees can consult the tool with confidence.

Who is ALEX for?

ALEX is for active employees and retirees from state agencies, the UW System and UW Hospital and Clinics.

Help Employees Make the Most of Their Plans

Encourage your employees to watch these quick videos by posting links to the videos on your intranet site or using them in other employee communications.

2020 Sneak Peek
Take a minute out of your day and watch this quick video to learn what’s new for your health benefits next year. 

Health Care in Your PJs
Did you know that you could receive healthcare without even leaving your house? And that it could save you money? Check out Healthcare in your PJs to learn more.

Put Medical Bills on a Payment Plan
Just like a regular monthly car payment, break up large, unexpected medical bills with a commonly used health payment plan, interest free! Setting up a payment plan is easy. You can even use your Health Savings Account to make monthly payments.

Your Other Retirement Plan
Did you know once you turn 65, you can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) on any expenses, not just medical? Watch Your Other Retirement Plan to learn more. 

Learn More About ALEX

  •  This recorded webinar was conducted by ETF in conjunction with Jellyvision, employers were introduced to enhancements to ALEX (the interactive virtual benefits counselor) for the 2020 plan year .

  • Visit the ALEX page for employees, which includes the benefits of using ALEX, frequently asked questions and links to access ALEX

ALEX Communications Toolkit

Handy downloads to make communicating about ALEX to your employees easier than ever! Choose a bundle targeting specific employee groups or events. Bundles include ready-to-go email messages, articles and print materials. You can customize the content of these messages to meet your employees' needs.

Download the Open Enrollment Bundle

Download the New Employee Bundle

Download the Hard-to-Reach Employees Bundle

This hard-to-reach employees bundle is targeted at employees who spend very little time at their desk or don't have a desk at all. This bundle emphasizes that employees can use ALEX on-the-go for making benefits decisions. We recommend combining these with tools found in the open enrollment and new hire bundles..

ALEX Graphic & Logo

ALEX Character



Jellyvision, the creator of ALEX, is working on making the tool as accessible as possible to users. ALEX provides audio captioning and keyboard only navigation, as well as other enhancements. You can find details in the ALEX Benefits Counselor Accessibility Roadmap. While meeting all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA may not be possible due to ALEX’s dynamic and interactive nature, Jellyvision is currently working to achieve maximum accessibility.

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