Employer agents are responsible for subscribing to employer ETF E-mail Updates. ETF E-mail Updates is the only way ETF notifies employers of important benefit-related news, such as manual updates or It’s Your Choice open enrollment information.

Though we encourage all employer agents to subscribe through the process below, we also suggest that your organization subscribe to a shared, general email address that may be accessed by others when an employer agent is unavailable. It is the employer agent’s responsibility to maintain a working email address in the ETF E-mail Updates system. Click the below links to subscribe.

State Employers

Subscribe to State Employer News

Local Employers

Subscribe by clicking on the link for the programs your organization offers to employees. For example, if you offer your employees Wisconsin Public Employers (WPE) Group Health Insurance, subscribe to that topic listed below.

Local employers must return to this screen to select each additional program offered. These topics do not appear on the quick subscribe page you see during registration.

If you subscribe and are not receiving emails via ETF E-mail Updates, check your agency’s spam filter for etfwi@public.govdelivery.com.

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