1. What supplemental benefit plans are available for state employees and retirees?

For 2021, there are dental, vision and accident supplemental plans available. The accident plan is not available to state retirees who did not have the plan as an active employee before retirement. For information on available plans, open enrollment and benefits, please view Supplemental Benefit Plans.

2. When can I enroll in a supplemental benefit plan?

Eligible members may enroll in any of the supplemental benefits during the annual open enrollment period.

A member can also enroll, cancel or change supplemental coverage during a specific qualifying events (birth/adoption, marriage, divorce, ect.). View qualifying events.

3. How do I know which dental plan is right for me?

There are three supplemental dental options available for you, the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ - Preventive Plan, the Delta Dental PPO™-Select Plan and the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™-Select Plus Plan. Learn more about the supplemental dental plans by viewing the Supplemental Dental Program.

4. Can I choose more than one supplemental dental plan?

Yes. A member may choose the Preventive Plan, and then either the Select Plan or the Select Plus Plan.  

The Preventive Plan is only available to members who are not enrolled in the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. The Preventive Plan offers coverage for dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, filings and includes a $1,500 individual lifetime maximum orthodontic service for those under age 19. 

A member cannot have both the Select Plan and the Select Plus Plan. The Select Plan covers dental services at 50% and is only accepted by dentists in Delta's PPO network. The Select Plus Plan covers those same services at 60%-80%, includes a $1,500 individual lifetime maximum for orthodontic services regardless of age and is accepted by dentists in Delta's PPO Network and Premier Network.

 Search Delta Dental's Provider list to see what network your dentist is in.

5. I am currently enrolled in some supplemental benefit plans through the State of Wisconsin. Do I need to take action to stay enrolled?

If you are currently enrolled in supplemental dental through Delta, accident plan through Securian, or supplemental vision through VSP and want to continue your coverage for 2021 without any changes to coverage you do not have to do anything during the open enrollment period. Your coverage will automatically continue through 2021. DeltaVision, in partnership with EyeMed Vision Care, will replace VSP as the vision carrier for 2021. 

6. Will there be an ETF approved long-term care insurance plan offered in 2021?

In May 2020, the Group Insurance Board approved a new contract with HealthChoice and Mutual of Omaha effective July 8, 2020. You can enroll in long-term care insurance at any time during the year.