1. Who is eligible for the Uniform Dental Benefit plan?

All state employees and retirees who elect medical coverage through the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program are eligible. If you are currently enrolled in Uniform Dental Benefits, and you do not decline these dental benefits during annual open enrollment, you will automatically continue to be enrolled for the next year.

2. How do I enroll in the Uniform Dental Benefit?

You can request a paper application from your payroll or benefits office.

3. How do I find out which specific benefits and services are covered under the Uniform Dental Benefit Plan?

For specific benefit details, you may can view the Uniform Dental Benefits Certificate of Coverage or visit Delta Dental's website at www.deltadentalwi.com/state-of-wi.

4. How do I find a list of in-network dental providers?

Contact Delta Dental directly at 1-844-337-8383 or visit their website at www.deltadentalwi.com/state-of-wi to view the provider directories. Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier providers are all considered in-network for the Uniform Dental Benefits Plan.

5. Can I elect family medical coverage and individual dental coverage?

No. If you elect family medical coverage with dental, you will be enrolled in the family dental coverage. Similarly, if you elect individual medical coverage with dental, you will be enrolled in the individual dental coverage.

6. How will I know if my current dentist is covered by Delta Dental?

The Uniform Dental Benefit uses the Delta Dental PPO and the Delta Dental Premier networks. You may use a dentist who participates in either network. ETF encourages you to check whether your dental provider is in-network before receiving dental services. There is no benefit for out-of-network providers. Please visit www.deltadentalwi.com/state-of-wi to search for in-network providers.

7. Will my dental expenses apply to the medical deductible?

No. See the deductible questions for more information.

8. Which services are covered by the Uniform Dental Benefits?

All covered services, copayments and/or coinsurance will be outlined in the Uniform Dental Benefit Certificate. Any changes to the covered dental services, copayments and/or coinsurance will be noted in the open enrollment materials and in Delta Dental’s benefit materials.