Supplemental Benefits

New Benefit Options

If your employer opts in, you may be eligible for two new supplemental benefits effective January 1, 2021:

  • Accident Plan – available to active local employees.
  • Vision – available to active local employees and retirees.

New Vision Administrator

DeltaVision, in partnership with EyeMed Vision Care, is the new administrator for the supplemental vision benefit. See the Vision Insurance for Locals page for more details.

Note: Not sure if your employer offers supplemental benefits? Check with your employer or the Local Health Plans with Supplemental Options page to find out.


New "Health Check" Activities 

All non-Medicare Advantage members have more options to complete your “health check” activity, including a routine dental exam or a health coaching
call, to earn your $150 Well Wisconsin incentive in 2021.

Health Plan-Offered Wellness Incentives 

Effective January 1, 2021, UnitedHealthcare is the only health plan that may offer financial wellness incentives to members. All other members are
encouraged to participate in Well Wisconsin, administered by StayWell, to earn the $150 wellness incentive.

Silver Sneakers will still be available to Medicare Plus and Medicare Advantage members.

New Medical Benefit

Biofeedback for urinary incontinence will now be covered.

Electronic Pharmacy Enhancements

Navitus, the Pharmacy Benefit Manager, will launch the new eHealth Program for electronic prescribing, electronic prior authorization, and pharmacy benefit check. This new tool accesses your pharmacy benefit information at the site of care, helping to ensure your prescriptions are cost-effective and integrate with your current drug regimen. Your doctor can also submit electronic prescriptions and electronic prior authorizations, helping you to get the  Medications you need faster.