Health Insurance for Employees

The pages and resources in this section will help you make the most of your health benefits. You can learn about the key differences between your plan design options, costs for medical and pharmacy services, available health plans, and monthly premium amounts.

No matter which plan design option or health plan you choose, you will receive Uniform Benefits - the standard set of health benefits offered to all State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members, regardless of plan design. While costs for services may vary between plan designs, the covered services do not.

Health Care Premiums Health Plan Search 

Once you've chosen a health plan, don't forget to:

  • Register for your health plan's member portal
  • Sign up for telemedicine through your health plan 
  • Keep member ID cards from your health plan - and any other vendors whose benefit offerings you enrolled in - in a safe place, so you can reference them when needed

Introducing Benefits Mentor

IBM Benefits Mentor is the new interactive benefits counselor for active state employees and non-Medicare retirees. Powered by ETF’s secure data warehouse, Benefits Mentor will use your claims information (if available) as a basis for personalized plan design recommendations. Benefits Mentor also considers your medical needs and what is most important to you when choosing a health plan.

Benefits Mentor