Grow Your Savings

Your HSA dollars can grow over time, especially if you decide to compound your funds. The amount you save depends on how you choose to use your HSA funds.

  • Funds in your HSA account will earn interest over time.
  • Once your balance reaches $1,000, you may invest any funds above that level (in any increments) in a variety of HSA investment options with varying levels of related risk and returns.

Triple Tax Advantage

HSAs offer a triple tax advantage by making the following tax free:

  • Contributions

  • Distributions

  • Investment earnings

Investment Account

A unique aspect of an HSA is the ability to invest some of your savings, which may potentially increase the value of your account for retirement. In order to invest your HSA funds, you must set up an HSA Investment Account. Visit Optum Financial website to learn how to setup the account, current rates and investment options. 

If you do not elect to participate in the investment option, the funds will remain in your HSA earning interest.