The issues discussed and decisions made by the five governing boards of the Wisconsin Retirement System affect the benefit programs administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds. The 2018 meeting schedule for these boards has been set, as indicated below.

2018 Board Meetings

ETF Board,
Teachers Retirement Board,
Wisconsin Retirement Board

March 29, June 21, September 20, December 13

Group Insurance Board

February 21, May 16,
August 15, November 14

SWIB Board of Trustees

February 13-14, April 10-11, June 12-13, July/August 31-1, October 8-10, December 11-12

2018 SWIB Board of Trustees Meetings
The SWIB Board of Trustees meetings are held at SWIB, 121 E. Wilson St., Madison, unless otherwise stated. Agenda and board meeting materials are posted online.

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