Required contribution rates for most Wisconsin Retirement System covered employees will remain unchanged in 2021. The new rates take effect January 1, 2021. These contributions, which are paid by you and your employer into your account — and annual interest — fund your WRS benefits. What does this mean to you? The tables below show how much you and your employer currently pay into your retirement account and what the rates will be in 2021.

General, Executive and Elected Officials

Year Employer Cost Employee Cost Total Cost
2021 6.75% 6.75% 13.5%
2020 6.75% 6.75% 13.5%

Protective with Social Security

Year Employer Cost Employee Cost Total Cost
2021 11.75% 6.75% 18.5%
2020 11.65% 6.75% 18.4%

Protective without Social Security

Year Employer Cost Employee Cost Total Cost
2021 16.35% 6.75% 23.1%
2020 16.25% 6.75% 23%

Note: Rates for other mandatory employer-paid contributions (e.g., duty disability, the state's Accumulated Sick Leave Conversion Credit Program) or unfunded liabilities are not included in the above figures because these rates vary by employer.

Note: The total required rates (“Total Cost” in the table) are generally split evenly between employees and employers for general category employees and may depend on collective bargaining agreements for some protective occupation employees.

WRS contribution rates can change annually, depending on investment earnings of the WRS trust funds and an annual actuarial analysis. Such changes are considered normal for retirement systems, like the WRS, that pre-fund benefits. Amounts paid by both employees and employers are paid in full, ensuring full funding of future benefits. The WRS is 100% funded.

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