Employees covered under the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program: If you need help navigating health insurance plan designs and supplemental benefits, or if you have questions about how your insurance works, try using ALEX, an online tool offered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds—it’s like having your own personal benefits counselor!

Key aspects of ALEX:

  • ALEX is personalized: Discover the plan that makes the most sense for you and your family.
  • ALEX provides easy-to-understand explanations in a conversational style.
  • ALEX is confidential—Get the guidance you need without revealing any personally identifiable information or personal health information. It’s useful. You can use ALEX to review and compare plan options and cost factors such as deductibles and tax implications.
  • ALEX can walk you through your dental options to help you determine if you should think about a supplemental plan.

Give ALEX a try. Look for the link to this online tool on our website – use the Benefits Available to Me page.



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