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Q: My WRS annual Statement of Benefits lists my retirement benefit projection. What can I do to increase that amount?

A: Your Wisconsin Retirement System pension, when combined with Social Security, is intended to provide a retirement income that is 50-85% of what you earned before retirement (assuming you work a full career under the WRS). As a WRS employee, there are several ways to increase your retirement income.

Additional Contributions

Adding money to your WRS account will enhance your eventual benefit. ETF keeps track of your deposits (you’ll see it on your statement every year), and the funds are invested by the State of Wisconsin Investment Board and annually are credited with the effective rate of interest. The amount you can contribute each year is set by federal tax laws, but you pay no fees. Ever. See the Additional Contributions page for more information.

Buying Creditable Service  

If you are eligible, additional years of creditable service can increase the amount of your retirement. You may be eligible to buy service that you lost (forfeited) because of taking a separation benefit. Members that have worked in other governmental service (federal, state or local) outside of the WRS, may also be able to buy service. See the Buying Creditable Service page for more information.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program

The Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program is an optional, supplemental retirement savings plan for all working state and university employees. Local government and school district employees may also use the WDC if their employers offer it. The WDC offers a simple, flexible way to save for retirement with a variety of investment options and planning resources. See the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation pages for more information.