1099-R form excerpt

Wisconsin Retirement System retirees who receive 2020 Form 1099-R from the Department of Employee Trust Funds should note that two form fields (boxes) do not match the 1099-R form published by the Internal Revenue Service. Form 1099-R reports the details of retirees’ 2020 distribution from the WRS. Specifically, on ETF’s 1099-R form:

  • box #12, indicating the amount of state tax withheld for 2020, should instead be labeled box #14. The amount of state tax withheld by ETF in 2020 is stated correctly.
  • box #13, which indicates the Payer’s state number, should instead be labeled box #15. The actual state number is correct.

Retirees should be aware of the mismatched box numbers and may want to inform their tax preparers about this matter. No other action is needed. We apologize for any confusion this may cause. Please contact ETF for assistance.

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