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The Department of Employee Trust Funds has launched a new, member -centric website for the more than 632,000 Wisconsin Retirement System members, employers, and other site users. The site provides quick, easy access to retirement , health and other benefits information, decision-making tools, and educational resources. Enhancements include:

  • mobile-friendly design
  • intuitive navigation to complete an action
  • upgraded search filters
  • information about the ETF-administered benefits offered by any WRS employer
  • educational events and health plans by location
  • improved accessibility
  • ability to share content via email and social media

The overall project goal was to improve the ETF website experience for all who use it. To do this, we identified common "pain points" and conducted extensive testing with members. Complex benefits information was revised into plain language.

In the future, changes to our site will be based on member feedback as well as analytics. So, tell us how we’re doing. When you visit our website, complete the Was This Page Helpful? survey at the bottom of most pages. Note: While website pages from the previous site have been redirected to new locations, you should update any bookmarked pages. The new website will work in any browser, but Chrome is preferred.

To learn more about individual new features, tools and web pages, see these WRS News Online individual articles:

ETF’s new website was designed with members in mind. It's easier than ever to access tools, information and resources to help you make informed benefits-related decisions at every step of your career.  


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