ETF Ombudsperson Services Resolves Disputes

For more than 30 years Ombudsperson Services has been helping Wisconsin Retirement System members resolve benefits disputes while providing education, guidance, and support.

The Department of Employee Trust Funds encourages you to know how your benefits work by staying connected, taking advantage of our educational opportunities like webinars, videos, and online publications, and by calling our customer service call center for questions. When additional assistance is needed—for example, with issues surrounding prior authorization requests, clarification on covered services, or denied claims—Ombudsperson Services acts as an impartial party for equity, fairness, and compliance with WRS benefits program policies, insurance contracts, and the law.

For More Information

Ombudsperson Program Brochure (ET-8935)

Insurance Complaint Form (ET-2405)

Contact ETF

Send a secure email or call 1-877-533-5020.





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