The State of Wisconsin Investment Board has announced preliminary 2020 investment returns for the Core Trust Fund and the Variable Trust Fund . How will this affect your Wisconsin Retirement System account? The effective rate of interest is applied to your account balances once a year. The rate of interest applied is based on investment performance and other actuarial factors.

The figures below are ETF's projections for effective rates and annuity adjustments, and based on preliminary returns. They are projections only; actual rates will be announced after 2020 investment returns have been finalized and an actuarial analysis conducted. Watch for this information in February and March. 

ETF Projections -- Core Fund  

Preliminary 2020 Investment Return

(net of fees)

Projected Core Effective Rate


10.7% to 11.1%
Projected Core Annuity Adjustment 4.7% to 5.1%
By law, a Core annuity adjustment will be paid if the adjustment rate is at least 0.5%; if less than 0.5%, no adjustment is made  
ETF Projections -- Variable Fund  

Preliminary 2020 Investment Return

(net of fees)
Projected Variable Effective Rate 15% to 19%
Projected Variable Annuity Adjustment 10% to 14%

By law, a Variable annuity adjustment will be paid if the adjustment rate is at least 2%; if  less than 2%, no adjustment is paid.


Plan Ahead
No matter your timetable for retirement , it's important to understand your WRS benefits and how they work for you. Learn everything you can about the following topics in particular, so that you make the right decisions at the right time. Your future self will thank you for it!

  • How to enhance your WRS benefits benefit by making additional contributions , which earn the effective rate of interest each year
  • How effective rates and annuity adjustments (for retirees) are determined
  • How annual Core and Variable Fund investment performance affects the amount you and your employer pay into your retirement account via required contributions
  • How WRS retirement benefits are calculated and the role that investment returns play in your benefit amount
  • How participation in the Variable Fund affects your WRS benefits, both as an active employee and as a retiree.

For More Information
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Check out the helpful resources on this WRS Performance web page, including a look at investment performance of the WRS trust funds and the corresponding rates and adjustments since 1986.

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