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Be sure to include a Department of Employee Trust Funds webinar or two in your busy fall and winter calendars. We’ve scheduled five topics and 20 different sessions. Join us!

Learn how your Wisconsin Retirement System benefits work. Get your questions answered by an ETF benefits specialist. Make informed decisions throughout your career.

Preparing for Your Retirement

Find out how to maximize Wisconsin Retirement System benefits during your working years and in preparation for retirement. Topics include: your WRS account balances; how your account grows through investment earnings; when you can retire; options for receiving your retirement benefit; health and life insurance in retirement; return-to-work rules; and much more. 

Session dates: October 28; November 1, 17; December 1, 13

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Additional Contributions

You can add money (additional contributions) to your WRS account and watch it grow with compound interest. Webinar reviews how and when to deposit, interest crediting, and much more.

Session dates: November 4, 8, 16; December 9, 15, 28

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Choosing When to Retire

Attend this webinar for a great overview of the factors involved in choosing a retirement date, including how timing affects your pension amount, the "December vs. January" question, and other important considerations. 

Session dates: November 1, 17, 22; December 2, 6, 13

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Variable Fund

Does putting money in the Variable Fund make sense for you? Learn what the Variable Fund is and how it works, how it affects your retirement benefit, learn how to elect to join or cancel participation, and review associated deadlines. 

Session dates: November 3, 18, 29

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Annuity Options

Learn about WRS annuity options so that you can make informed decisions. We will also explain the important differences between a beneficiary and a named survivor. 

Session dates: December 1, 9, 16

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