The Group Insurance Board today met to discuss the impact of WEA Trust exiting the Wisconsin health insurance market at the end of 2022 and its impact on the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program for plan year 2023.

The Board directed the Department of Employee Trust Funds and Segal, the Board’s consulting actuary, to:

  • Identify and negotiate with potential new vendors for the Access, Medicare Plus, and State Maintenance Plan currently offered by WEA Trust
  • Work with existing health plans and other interested parties to maintain or expand access to benefits and services in areas affected by the WEA Trust departure
  • Negotiate reasonable rates that are supported by health plan utilization and cost data

ETF will offer a series of webinars to assist members with the transition from WEA Trust to a new plan during the annual open enrollment period, September 26 - October 21, 2022.

The Board also discussed the potential inclusion of weight-loss drugs to the 2023 non-Medicare Formulary, but no action was taken. ETF will present a holistic view of weight-loss programming at the Board’s meeting this November.

The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is August 17, 2022. The Board will review and approve premium rates and health plan service areas for plan year 2023, including any new vendors or network service areas.

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