The Group Insurance Board today reviewed key results of the 2020 open enrollment period for the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program.

Total membership increased 1.21% for 2020, reversing a period of declining membership. The state program had an increase of 0.76% in membership and the Wisconsin Public Employers Program for local government employers had a 4.24% increase. WPE grew with the addition of 12 employers, including six employers with 50 or more employees.

Board members received their regular training and education on fiduciary duty and governance, public records and open meetings laws, and the request for proposal process for procuring services or goods.

Other Board action included:

  • Election of Board officers for 2020: Herschel Day, chair; Nathan Houdek, vice-chair; and Nancy Thompson, secretary.
  • Approval of the four-week timeframe of September 28-October 23, 2020, as the open enrollment period for plan year 2021.
  • Approval of development and release of a request for proposal to select an administrator for the Income Continuation Insurance Program, effective January 1, 2022.
  • Authorizing negotiations for a contract extension with IBM Watson. IBM provides data warehouse and business intelligence services.

The Board meets next on May 13.

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