Health Coaching Reminder  

As part of the Well Wisconsin program, incentive-eligible employees have access to WebMD health coaches. Coaching sessions are free, convenient, and confidential. Employees can send a secure Coach Connect message at or call 800-821-6591 to set up a phone session. Participating in health coaching helps employees earn their $150 Well Wisconsin incentive. One coaching call counts for the health check portion of the program and completing three checks off the well-being activity! 

Not interested in coaching? You can also complete a biometric screening at some participating employer locations or at home. Schedule your appointment or request your self-collection materials at:  

Well Wisconsin Radio: Nutrition and Immune System 

Well Wisconsin Radio is back in 2022 and better-than-ever podcasting! Listen in to the latest episode where host Morgan Meinen talks with Dr. Beth Olson, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Nutritional Sciences Department at UW-Madison, about the link between nutrition and the immune system. Tune in for some good food for thought. 

Check out the new Well Wisconsin Radio webpage or subscribe through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts to be notified when new episodes are posted.  

Kindness at Work Reminder: Self Awareness and Self Love  

For the month of March, Random Acts of Kindness encourages everyone to focus on self awareness and self love. They say, “Paying attention and giving time to what you love is an act of self care mixed with awareness and love. We’ve all heard the phrase, ’You can’t pour from an empty cup,’ but we are not often provided permission or direction on how to keep our own cups full. This month we encourage you to fill your cup and create a list of things you enjoy. Give yourself permission to do the things that make you happy. Happiness can’t be contained! When someone is self-aware and practices self-love, they can’t help but share their joy with others.” 

Group Health Insurance Program subscribers and their spouses who participate in at least 21 kindness, self compassion or well-being activities from the calendar can complete a short survey to receive an employer-sponsored activity code to count toward their well-being activity incentive credit.  

Kindness Quote of the Month: “If one has courage, nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” —Dr. Maya Angelou