The annual It’s Your Choice open enrollment period is September 26—October 21. This is when state and local employees participating in the group health insurance program can make changes for next year, including switching health plans, coverage levels, or adding/deleting certain dependents. Watch for It’s Your Choice materials, which the Department of Employee Trust Funds will distribute and post online in mid-September. Here are some highlights of changes for 2023.

2023 Premiums

Health insurance premiums for 2023 will increase a modest amount and health plan service areas will expand. The Group Insurance Board approved rates and plans in 2023 at its August 17 meeting. Concerned about the effects of what would have been a significant 2023 premium increase on members and employers, the Board also approved using surplus funds from past program cost savings and investments to reduce the rates. Primary drivers of the rate increases are medical costs for ongoing care and the effects of delayed care for acute or chronic health conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased pharmacy costs – particularly for specialty drugs – were also a contributing factor.

The overall state health insurance premium increase for plan year 2023 is 4.0%. State employee contributions to the premium and the employer contribution to the Health Savings Account are determined by the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Management. Those amounts will be available prior to the annual open enrollment period.

For participating local employees, the overall health insurance premium increase for plan year 2023 is 5.4%. Premiums vary based on the employee share set by their employers. Local employees will receive rate information directly from their employers.

Health Plan, Medical and Pharmacy Benefit Changes

WEA Trust will no longer offer health insurance as of December 31, 2022. Members will have more choices in 2023, however, as health plans’ expanded service areas and provider networks will fill the gaps created by the departure of WEA Trust from the program. See WEA Trust to Exit Group Health Insurance Program.

Summary of changes:

  • New Administrators
    • Access Plan and State Maintenance Plan: Dean Health Insurance
    • Medicare Plus: UnitedHealthcare
  • New Health Plan
    • Security Health Plan will return as an offering in 2023
  • New Service Areas and Service Area Name Changes

Attend a Health Benefit Webinar

ETF will offer vendor and health benefit webinars during the open enrollment period for you to learn about the 2023 plan year. This includes six webinars focused on how to change from WEA Trust to a new health plan. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to health plans and vendors like Delta Dental and WebMD. Look for webinar dates and registration links on the Upcoming Health Plan Changes page.

New Insurance Menu on ETF Website

ETF’s new Insurance web menu provides easy access to details on:

  • Health and Pharmacy
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Accident Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Income Continuation Insurance
  • Pre-Tax Savings Accounts
  • Health Plan and Vendor Contact Information