Q. When should I request a retirement estimate and when should I apply? Do I need to come into your office when I decide to retire?

A. You should request your retirement estimates approximately six to 12 months before you retire. We can accept your retirement application up to 90 days before the date you terminate employment.

You do not need to come into our office when you decide to retire. You can request your retirement estimate packet onlineby phone or in writing. You can submit your request online any time. If you prefer to request it in writing, print the Retirement Estimate Request (ET-4207) and mail or fax it to ETF.

The estimate packet will include: your application for benefits, information about options and the How to Retire brochure (ET-4133). The brochure includes directions on how to complete your application, general information on many subjects and contains links to other brochures for further details. Contact us if you have questions about your estimates or applying.

For more information:
Sign up for our webinar, 5 Basic Steps to Your Retirement - it's a quick-reference guide to starting the retirement process within the next 12 months. Topics include choosing a termination date, how to request a retirement estimate and, drum roll here - how to submit the retirement application 

Find all of our webinars, videos and e-learning presentations on the Member Education webpage. You may also contact ETF and talk to a benefits specialist.