Q: I want to learn more about my WRS benefits and how they work for me. Where should I start?

A: We want you to make sound, strategic decisions about your WRS benefits over the course of your career and not miss out on any opportunities available to you. We suggest the following:

  • Ask your employer if there is a "WRS benefits introduction" type of seminar for new employees. These sessions are valuable sources of information and are often customized by employer for their own employees.
  • Participate in ETF's 30-minute interactive webinar, WRS Benefits: For New and Mid-Career Employees. Questions are encouraged; ask your own or simply listen while learning from other participants' questions.
  • Check out the videos, recorded webinars, Elearnings and live presentation schedule on our Member Education webpage.
  • If you're within a year of retirement and already have your retirement estimate, schedule an appointment with an ETF benefits specialist.