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Q: Okay, I Decided to Retire—What Do I Do Next?

A: Well done! Deciding to retire can be the hardest part of the entire process. Let ETF help you make well-informed decisions as you continue the journey. Here are 4 things we recommend you do next:

  1. If you are 6-12 months from your retirement date and want an official estimate of your Wisconsin Retirement System retirement benefit, complete our online estimate request or contact ETF via telephone or email.
  2. Run an unofficial projection of your benefit with our WRS Retirement Benefits Calculator. This is a great way to compare a variety of possible retirement dates. Helpful hint: Have your last annual Statement of Benefits in hand so you can mirror your own WRS account information. If you participate in the Variable Trust Fund, first use the Variable Excess/Deficiency Calculator to project how it will affect your benefit. 
  3. Review our Retirement Checklist.
  4. Learn everything you can about WRS annuity payment options, how your annuity changes with annual interest crediting (annuity adjustments), what to expect from ETF that first year, protecting beneficiaries, health and life insurance options in retirement, and much more. We cover these topics in webinars, videos, and in-depth forms and publications. You may also talk with an ETF benefits specialist.
  5. Keep in mind that retiring is actually a process, not a single event. This recorded ETF webinar, Am I Ready to Retire? will help you think through many key issues and topics, some of which you already know, some of which are new considerations.


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