We continually strive to ensure that you have a deep understanding of your Wisconsin Retirement System benefits in order to make fully informed decisions at every stage in your career. This includes providing quality, convenient and easily-accessible information and resources that work for you, on your timetable. For example:

  • Participate in an ETF interactive online webinar at lunch time or after work. Webinars focus on a single topic of interest, ranging from contribution rates to annuity options; from how to read and understand the annual Statement of Benefits to choosing the optimal retirement date. ETF webinar schedule and topics.
  • Attend an evening WRS employee benefits seminar. Seminars are scheduled in convenient locations throughout the state and thoroughly cover benefit basics, the Core and Variable Trust Funds and things to know and do to maximize your benefits as you move through your career. Those within five years or so of retirement will appreciate hearing about WRS annuity options, return-to-work rules, post-retirement annuity adjustments and much more. Use our interactive map to find a presentation near you.
  • Watch an ETF online video or eLearning. Current topics include everything mentioned in the two paragraphs above and much more. ETF online videos and eLearnings.

Members who have retirement estimates and are within a year of retirement can schedule an appointment with an ETF benefits specialist.We offer three kinds of appointments, all of which provide explanations of your estimate, WRS annuity options, the application process and much more:

    • Book a group retirement appointment. Use our interactive mapto find a group appointment in your area of Wisconsin.
    • Book an individual retirement appointmentContact ETF to schedulea one-on-one appointment, held in our Madison office.
    • Book a virtual appointment. This is a secure, one-on-one meeting conducted online. All you need is a computer, a telephone and an internet connection. Contact ETF to schedule a virtual appointment.

For additional information: