Earlier this year the Department of Employee Trust Funds began a new project to locate certain Wisconsin Retirement System employees who had left service years ago, did not have a current address on file and still had money in their WRS accounts. Such “lost contact” members generally do not know they have benefits coming to them. The impact on the individuals we have “found” thus far has been significant and gratifying. For example:

  • The member who no longer resides in Wisconsin that forgot about her WRS employment in the late 1970s.  When we contacted her, she had just received a job layoff notice. Thankfully, forty years of compound interest meant she was entitled to a sizable lump sum. Learning she had more than $48,000 in her account brought her to tears.
  • Another member who lives out of state. At the time we contacted her she was recovering from the COVID-19 virus. She stated the unexpected money would really help her financial situation.
  • The member who forgot about working for two years as a municipal employee in the 1980s. She had recently been laid off from her job and her husband had picked up a second job to help make ends meet. She said she was “beyond thrilled” when ETF found her and explained she still had money in her account.  

Note: ETF’s effort to locate owners of “Abandoned” WRS accounts is a separate effort.

Please remember to always keep your address on file with ETF updated so that you receive important information about your WRS benefits. Visit the MyInfo page of our website or call us at 1-877-533-5020.


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