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The State of Wisconsin Investment Board is excited to announce two new episodes of The SWIB Podcast:

Behind the Scenes at SWIB, with Rochelle Klaskin and Mike Jacobs

In this episode Rochelle Klaskin, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer, and Mike Jacobs, Agency Business Director, talk about the wide variety of professionals whose behind-the-scenes work is vital to SWIB’s mission of generating returns on behalf of the WRS and its members.

The Goldilocks Zone in SWIB’s Asset Allocation Strategy, with Edwin Denson

In this episode Edwin Denson, SWIB Asset & Risk Allocation Managing Director, discusses how SWIB finds the optimal asset mix to effectively manage risk, generate returns, and help the WRS meet its long-term goals.

Previous episodes of The SWIB Podcast include:

  • Anne-Marie Fink, Managing Director of Private Markets and Funds Alpha, talks about how the investments she oversees play a role in SWIB’s diverse and robust portfolio for the WRS; and
  • Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer David Villa discusses how SWIB is uniquely positioned to ride out market uncertainty

The SWIB Podcast is where members of the WRS can turn to for timely information about the investments generating the returns necessary to help fund the state’s pension system. Join us as we discuss the market challenges and how SWIB is relying on robust and diverse investment strategies to keep the WRS positioned for long-term success.

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