• The Department of Employee Trust Funds is set to distribute IRS form 1095-C to approximately 400 health insurance program participants who were non-Medicare annuitants in 2016 and covered under the IYC Access Plan (formerly known as the Standard Plan) or the State Maintenance Plan (SMP). These forms may be required for 2016 income tax filing purposes. ETF will complete this mailing by January 31.
  • Non-Medicare annuitants and active employees of large employers (50+ employees) who are insured by a health plan other than the IYC Access Plan or SMP, will receive IRS Form 1095-B from their health insurance carriers.
  • Active employees of large employers will also receive IRS form 1095-C from their employers. Active employees enrolled in the IYC Access Plan or SMP will only receive IRS form 1095-C from their employers. If you are an active employee and you have questions regarding IRS health insurance reporting forms (1095-C or 1095-B) please contact your employer.

For more information on the federal Affordable Care Act and IRS form 1095-C, review our Retiree Tax Information FAQs.

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