Consider enrolling in the Income Continuation Insurance program, available to both state employees and local government employees (if your employer participates).  The ICI program is an income replacement plan that replaces a portion of your income if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury (both short and long-term).

What are the premiums for ICI?

Local government employees: There is currently a premium holiday. This means there is no charge for the standard and supplemental coverage. For more information, review our brochure for local government employees (ET-2129)

State employees: Premiums are going down for the first time in many years, so now is a good time to enroll! In fact, 2022, state ICI premiums in 2022 will drop 50% from 2020-2021 levels. The new rates for 2022 will be available in early December.  If you are eligible to enroll through “deferred coverage,” your employer will contact you in January and you’ll have the option to apply for coverage effective April 1. Please see review our brochure for state government employees (ET-2106) for information on eligibility for deferred coverage.

Or, if you are in good health, you may apply for ICI coverage at any time by completing an “Evidence of Insurability” application.  If your application is approved, your coverage would be effective the first of the month following the date of approval.


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