New Pre-Tax Savings Accounts Administrator

ConnectYourCare® (CYC) will replace TASC as the administrator for the pre-tax savings accounts beginning in 2020. Starting September 30, Health Savings Account (HSA) participants can submit e-consent forms to move their TASC HSA funds to the new CYC HSA. Consider spending down other pre-tax accounts. Remaining 2019 Health Care Flexible Spending Account and Parking/Transit balances will not be available until May 1, 2020. Visit here to view important upcoming dates regarding your pre-tax savings accounts.

To learn more about ConnectYourCare visit their website to further understand how this transition will affect your accounts.Last Chance for Well Wisconsin 2019

Security Health Plan Enrollees Must Choose a New Plan

Beginning in 2020, Security Health Plan Central and Valley will not be available for coverage. If you are currently enrolled in either plan, you must enroll in a new plan during open enrollment. You will not have coverage beginning January 1, 2020 unless you enroll with another plan.

If you need more information about transitioning to a new health plan, please refer to this document

Concerned about your personal health information?

If you are hesitant to participate in Well Wisconsin for fear of what will happen to your health information. We encourage you to review StayWell’s Privacy Statement and ETF’s Notice for Wellness Programs or watch this short video.

It really isn’t too good to be true. The program exists to support members in reaching their health and well-being goals. On average, people who participate every year are successful at improving their health and we want you to be one of these people. It’s good for you. It’s good for us. It’s good for the State of Wisconsin. What are you waiting for? Check out the program and complete the activities before the October 11 deadline to earn your $150 and feel better along the way.