The Department of Employee Trust Funds offers three types of retirement appointments: Group, Online and Individual. No matter which type you book, an ETF benefits specialist covers the same topics, listens to your questions and ensures you have the information needed to make a well-informed, lifetime decision. These include:

  • How ETF calculated your WRS benefit – Formula or Money Purchase
  • Your WRS payment options and how they would affect you
  • The importance of beneficiaries and how to keep this information updated with ETF
  • How WRS monthly annuities are taxed
  • How ETF calculates your military service
  • Rules for returning to work

Group Appointments – Conducted in convenient locations throughout the state and designed to accommodate 10 people and their guests. The wait time for a group appointment in Madison is approximately one week. Wait times vary for other locations.

Online Appointments – Secure, private, one-on-one appointments conducted entirely online – save the travel hassles!

Individual Appointments – One-on-one appointments conducted only in ETF's Madison office, located in the new Hill Farms State Office Building.

Contact ETF to learn more and schedule an appointment. We are also a quick phone call or email away.